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    'Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that b**** crazy’, sings Lady Gaga in her ‘00s pop anthem ‘Bad Romance’. It’s a line that suddenly pops into our heads when we think about fashion; a lyric that makes us want to do our very best impression of Bella Hadid or Alton Mason. Why? Well, because in the same way as Earth Wind and Fire’s disco tracks were made for the dance floor, this super chic smash hit was designed for the catwalk. And so were each and every one of the 1240+ songs you will find in our fashion playlist.

    If you’re looking for songs for fashion shows (AKA catwalk music, model runway music etc.), you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got enough fashion show background music to take you through your entire fashion career. Find out everything you need to know about music for fashion shows and explore our voguish music offerings below.

    music for fashion shows

    Music For Fashion Shows Contents:

    • Where To Get Music For Fashion Shows
    • Why Good Music For Fashion Shows Matters
    • What Kind of Music Plays at Fashion Shows?
    • What is the Best Music For a Fashion Show?
    • Fashion Show Playlists
      • Showbiz Glamour
      • Luxury Glamour
      • Spring
      • Autumn
      • Drum‘n‘Bass

    Where To Get Music For Fashion Shows

    Looking for songs for a fashion show? As we mentioned above, the best songs for fashion shows are available right here (yes, as in here, here), right now. How are we so confident that we’ve got the music that’s right for your project? The answer is simple: we store so many fashion show-appropriate tracks in our collection that we reckon it’s almost impossible that you won’t find a song suitable enough to integrate into your runway show.

    Want to get started ASAP? Check out our fashion and beauty playlist to get a taste of our á la mode offerings.

    Why Good Music For Fashion Shows Matter

    Good fashion show songs matter because no one – not one person on the guestlist, nor one person watching the show on their television from the comfort of their own home – will find it easy to sit through the entire debut of a runway collection if there isn’t any music involved. In the past, we’ve been unfortunate enough to experience a catwalk presentation that eschewed music entirely, and, honestly, it was an absolutely excruciating experience to have to listen to the sound of shoes scuffing and pounding against the ground and accidentally tune into the murmur of chatter coming from the crowd of fellow invitees instead of checking out the clothes.

    So, essentially, what we’re saying is: don’t even think about putting on a fashion show without purchasing (and gaining the rights to) a song you can play as the models strut their stuff down the runway. What kind of music plays at fashion shows? Find out below.

    music for fashion shows

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    What Kind of Music Plays at Fashion Shows?

    The music that plays at a fashion show usually ties into the theme of the overarching inspiration behind the collection. For instance, Travis Scott music played at the SS22 Dior show designed in collaboration with the rapper; a mysterious composition kept people intrigued at the eerie Balenciaga SS23 show recently held at the NYC Stock Exchange; and an elegant orchestral composition was offset by the sounds of NASA-style chatter at the Gucci Cosmogonie fashion show.

    Having said that, similarities can usually be found between the songs that most brands opt for when presenting their collections. Usually, fashion show music is light on lyrics and heavy on beats. It’s music that moves with the models and vice versa; music that adds to the overall experience but doesn’t overshadow the visual elements of the show.

    What is the Best Music For a Fashion Show?

    Well, the answer to that question is understandably subjective. For example, if the kind of show you aspire to put on has a gothic sensibility, you’re going to be inclined to say that dark music is best suited for your show. On the other hand, if the collection is more romantic than it is macabre, lighter, brighter music will naturally seem more appealing to you.

    Look below for some fabulous playlists featuring some of the best music for a fashion show.

    Fashion Show Playlists


    This handpicked selection of songs is your gateway to the world of style.

    Laid back and positive, dreamy and ethereal, create a chilled atmosphere with synth grooves and patterns and ambient textures. Ideal for fashion reels, hauls and showcasing trends.

    Showbiz Glamour

    The most immersive fashion shows are theatrical, fabulous and furiously OTT. And nothing adds a little sparkle to a fashion show quite like a glamorous showbiz track – something like Tim Garland’s flamboyant ‘Show Town’ or Christopher Ashmore’s summery jazz anthem ‘Happy Go Lucky’.

    Luxury Glamour

    If you only speak high-end fashion, our luxury glamour playlist is your go-to. As the name suggests, it’s music with a touch of class. There’s ‘Monaco’, a relaxed, stylish and romantic orchestral theme by David Edward Holden, the swaggerlicious ‘Martinis and Bullets’ by Gareth Johnson, Simon Clarke and Evan Jenkins, and much, much more.


    The two key collections a major fashion house releases each and every year without fail are the spring/summer collection and the autumn/winter collection. Spring/summer collections habitually involve bright shades, floral prints and lightweight materials. Our spring playlist is filled with soft, cheery tunes like Jody Jenkins’ ‘Brilliancy’ and Richard Lacy’s ‘Openings’ which are practically perfect for spring fashion presentations.


    When it comes to autumn/winter collections, the hues are warmer, the fabrics are heavier, and there are layers upon layers upon layers upon layers to look out for. To match the feel of the latter half of the year, our autumn playlist is filled with the kind of songs that bring the listener the same level of comfort they feel when standing beside the fireplace. Add songs such as Pete Masitti and John Andrew Barrow’s haunting tune ‘Rain On My Head’ and Patrick Hawes’ smoothing song ‘Fallen Leaves’ to your fashion show to bring all the components of your seasonal show together.


    A strong, resilient drum‘n’bass beat keeps a fashion show moving at a steady pace; thus, the genre is favoured by hundreds of designers worldwide. If we were to recommend two of our own drum‘n’bass songs for your catwalk presentation, we’d pick Jason Pedder and Ben Ziapour’s ‘Feel Free’ and Tom Quick and Sue Verran’s ‘The Sound of Life’. But, naturally, all of the songs we keep in our catalogue are phenomenal and worthy of your attention.

    music for fashion shows

    More, More, More

    Still, looking for MORE music? Fortunately for you, we’ve got over 200,000 tracks in our ever-expanding catalogue – songs for every kind of production thinkable. And one of the most popular ways to discover the Audio Network collection is via our musical style and mood playlists: from Folk & Nu-Folk to Epic Themes to Inspirational.

    Or is it MORE content you’re after? If you’re nodding your head, head over to The Edit. Here, you will find all kinds of music (and music adjacent) content written to inspire, teach and inform.

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