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    Make Your Travel Videos Stand Out with Our Best Songs for GoPro Videos

    Biking through the sand-dusted roads of Morocco, carving a path down the slopes of the French Alps, or skydiving off the coast of Australia?

    No matter where your adventures take you, make your travel stories simply awe-inspiring with one of our best songs for GoPro videos.

    GoPro Video Music

    Our GoPro video music is the ideal companion to all your favourite travel footage.

    From beachy house vibes to adrenaline-racing beats, we have thousands of background music tracks for all your travel videos.

    Background Music Tracks for Your Beach Travel Videos

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    Whether you’re backpacking through Bali or lounging on the shores of Santorini, tap into all those feel-good summertime vibes with our GoPro songs for the beach.

    ‘Sacred Valley’Marc Jackson Burrows

    ‘Ocean Swell’Martin Felix Kaczmarkski (from the album Colorized)

    ‘Summertime Ska’ David O’Brien

    ‘Tropic Tide’Andy Chandler, Christopher James Corrigan

    ‘Unforgettable Sunrise’Pete Davis, James Banbury

    Travel Songs for Safari and Wildlife Videos

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    Set your sights on one of our music tracks for your wildlife travel videos.

    There’s thousands of tracks full of upbeat tempos that will be an inspiring backdrop for your GoPro for safari videos.

    ‘Safari’Christopher Ashmore (from the album Africa Wildlife)

    ‘Bleak Brass’Robert Northcott

    ‘Hunting The Rhebok’Peter Mayne, Ian Tripp

    ‘Voodoo’George Van Dyk, Jon Isbell

    ‘Caged’William Davies

    Water-Themed Music for Snorkelling and Diving Videos

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    If you’re swimming, snorkelling, or taking a deep dive into the sea, capture all the beauty of your ocean adventures alongside our water-themed music.

    Perfect for your GoPro for diving videos, navigate your way through our top tracks featuring deep beats and melancholic compositions.

    Music For GoPro Videos

    ‘Underwater’Skaila Kanga

    ‘Coral Oceans’George Georgia (from the album Warm Worlds)

    ‘Scallop Waltz’Paul Ressel

    ‘Distant Waves’Patrick Hawes

    ‘Underwater Dreaming’Tom Boddy

    GoPro for Surfing Music Tracks

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    Make your surfing soundtrack one-of-a-kind with our GoPro travel video tracks.

    Our feel-good mixes feature atmospheric, floaty vibes, right alongside songs full of sunny California feelings that transport you straight to the waves of the Pacific coast.

    ‘Mind Surfing’Barrie Gledden

    ‘Deep Sea’Philip Sheppard

    ‘Iberico’William Davies

    ‘Catalina Bay’Adam Drake, Tom Jenkins

    ‘Coral Reef’ – Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd (from the album International Drones)

    GoPro Ski and Snowboarding Video Songs

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    From Chamonix to Hakuba, and all the snow-capped mountain slopes in between, there’s so many breathtaking moments to capture when you’re using a GoPro for skiing.

    The mountains are an ideal backdrop for your GoPro travel videos. Discover countless tunes that feature spacious soundscapes, exhilarating rock riffs, and instrumental indie pop.

    ‘Afterglow Spirit’Martin Felix Kaczmarski & Alex Arcoleo

    ‘Show Me How’Benjamin Thompson

    ‘Big Winter Sky’Theo Travis

    ‘Soar’Paddy Conn (from the album Daydreamer)

    ‘Tag Team’Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond, Ben Whynes

    Cycling Background Music for GoPro Videos

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    Take your audience off the beaten path with uplifting and encouraging musical tracks.

    Find GoPro for cycling music to accompany all your off-road adventures with Richard Lacy’s cinematic soundscapes or Ashley Barnes’s hard-hitting vocals.

    ‘Cycling’ Jason Pedder, Ashley Barnes, Douglas Brown (from the album City of Sound)

    ‘Bicycle’Terry Devine-King, Lincoln Grounds

    ‘Look At Me’Chris Bussey

    ‘Riding Solo’Richard Lacy, Sarah Elizabeth Lacy, David Bird

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