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    Rivalry is at the core of the fast-food industry; hence, an effective marketing strategy is crucial to a fast food brands success. One restaurant chain that impresses audiences year after year with its television commercials is Burger King - their Burger King commercials are truly something.

    Founded in Jacksonville, Florida, Burger King has provided the world with mouth-watering meals since the mid-1950s. And in 1958, the company aired its first television commercial on Miamis VHF – ever since, Burger King has consistently used the advertising medium to tempt consumers.

    Here, we take a look at the best Burger King commercials from over the years and touch on how music – including tracks from our catalogue – has played a part in bringing the ad to life. We will also be sure to highlight playlists that may be appropriate for any projects youre currently working on.

    Best Burger King Commercials Ever

    New Burger King Commercial

    Burger Kings latest commercial promotes the fast food companys new burger, the hand-breaded ChKing.

    Said to be tasty enough to rival their classic Whopper burger, the ChKing was organically causing a storm on social media thanks to its reportedly delicioustaste. Shrewdly, Burger King used this feedback to their advantage and incorporated real-life reactions into an ad that creates more hype around the latest addition to their menu.

    Music: To inject more drama into the ad and emphasise the life changingexperience of indulging in a ChKing burger, Burger King opts for a stirring, cinematic track led by electrifying strings.

    To discover similar tracks, feel free to head on over to our drama production music playlist.

    Burger King Commercials 2021

    During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021, advertisers struggled to strike a balance between being entertaining and sensitive when addressing the morbid state of the world – ergo, many brands chose to completely ignore our adjusted way of life.

    In 2021, Burger King bravely embraced new norms with a commercial aptly dubbed Confusing Times. At the very end of the ad, the narrator suggests that its during confusing times that we should dare to try something new, like their meat-free Impossible Whopper. We, for one, appreciated the light-hearted take on the current climate.

    Music: The music that plays throughout the ad reflects the current mood of millions worldwide – its sombre, dour and emotive, much like the songs in our sad and sombre playlist. Having said that, the music has a blissful, high-pitched moment when the Impossible Whopper is introduced.

    Burger King Commercials 2020

    By now, the Whopper is universally recognised, appreciated and consumed; it has been around since the 50s after all!

    So, all Burger King really has to do to advertise their most famous offering is ask a random passers-by to remind viewers at home why we all love the menu staple; this is precisely what they did just last year.

    Music: Towards the end of the ad, Burger King reveals their burger-making process to ignite hunger inside of the viewers.

    To accompany these food-focused visuals, Burger King incorporates a funky pop song to encourage an association between the fast-food offering and good times.

    burger king commercials

    Burger King Commercials 2019

    In 2019, Burger King directly targeted their biggest competitor, McDonalds. On the 23rd December, the fast-food chain announced in a television commercial that behind every Whopper burger featured on their print ad, social post and billboard advertisement of 2020 was a hidden McDonalds Big Mac burger. Yes, really!

    Why did they do this? To prove that the rumours are true: the Whopper is much larger than the Big Mac.

    Music: The entire Burger King commercial is cheeky – its supposed to be viewed as a friendly dig at McDonalds rather than the birth of a new feud. Thus, the music chosen for this ad has a playful, comical vibe. Discover similar tracks over in our funny/comedy playlist.

    Burger King Commercials 2018

    Year after year, Burger King tricks people with their utterly convincing April Fools pranks to remind audiences that theyre a company with personality.

    In 2018, Burger King released the Chocolate Whoppercommercial, an ad that persuades audiences to prepare for a dessert burger created with sickly sweet ingredients – viz. chocolate, sugar-coated sweets, strawberry sauce and cake sponge. Interestingly, most viewers were disappointed to discover the menu item wasnt real.

    Music: The Chocolate Whopper is advertised as a sexy, sinful addition to the menu – we guess it makes sense considering the fictitious burger would be a naughty treat packed with calories. To play on the seductive tenor of the commercial, Burger King opts for a sultry track akin to the compositions available in our sexy playlist.

    Burger King Commercials 2017

    Another holiday the fast-food chain enjoys celebrating is Halloween, and in 2017 they released the creepy #ScaryClownNight commercial just six days before All Hallows Eve and one month after the remake of IT hit cinema screens.

    The purpose of the commercial was to advertise a special deal – if a customer came dressed as a clown to a selected Burger King restaurant on the 31st October, they were entitled to a free Whopper sandwich.

    Music: The ad is manifestly inspired by the horror genre, and so is its soundtrack. The eerie song creates suspense, engaging audience members who are desperate to know what will happen next. Repetitive drums are met with brooding strings, spooky piano and Stranger Things-esque electronic sounds to encourage viewers to remain on the edge of their seats.

    Looking for something similar for your next project? Have a listen to our horror playlist.

    Burger King Commercials 2016

    Sometimes, the best way to advertise a new product – or, in this case, a menu item – is to call in a world-renowned celebrity. In 2016, Burger King enlisted the help of California rapper Snoop Dogg to create noise around their Grilled Dogs.

    By informing an audience that the rapper is a fan of the menu item, and the restaurant chain in general, fans of the rapper and the hip hop genre were sure to be inclined to pick Burger King over other fast-food restaurants.

    Music: Snoop Doggs association with the hip hop genre inspires the music choice of Burger Kings Grilled Dogs-focused commercial. The chosen track has a chilled yet funky rhythm that marries well with the rappers nonchalant demeanour.

    Check out other hip hop background music tracks over in our hip hop playlist.

    Burger King Super Bowl Commercial

    The Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event: its an excuse for brands to get theatrical. And every year, big-money brands battle it out to air the best Super Bowl commercial.

    In 2006, Burger King released their grandest, most OTT Super Bowl commercial to date during the break of the Super Bowl XL. Inspired by the Radio City Rockettes, the Super Bowl commercial is titled 'The Whopperettes' and features multiple dancers dressed as different ingredients of the iconic Whopper burger.

    The ad is funny and entertaining, and it's an absolute pleasure to watch; thus, we feel it deserves a place on our list.

    Music: The song that features in Burger Kings Super Bowl XL commercial is an original track inspired by the showbiz world of the Rockettes.

    Andy Warhol Burger King Commercial

    Burger King may be renowned for their fast-paced, in-your-face style of advertising, but in 2019 Burger King created a pared-back masterpiece for the Super Bowl LIII starring the late Andy Warhol. Yes, before you ask, that is the real Warhol.

    Quite simply, Burger King revived old footage of the American artist eating a Whopper burger, taken from Jørgen Leths documentary film 66 Scenes From America. Once the simple scene plays out, the ad ends with the hashtag #EATLIKEANDY and the Burger King logo.

    Music: The Andy Warhol Burger King commercial eschews music in a bid to stand out from the rest of the Super Bowl ads, most of which are super loud. Additionally, the lack of music places greater focus on the visuals and the ASMR-esque diegetic sound of the movie clip.

    Burger King Commercial Small Hands

    During the mid-00s, Burger King produced a series of ads focused on a character with super small hands.

    In this particular episode, the man with the tiny hands is worried that Burger Kings new Double Cheeseburger featuring 30% more meat will make his hands look even smaller than usual.

    Silly, we know – but we did laugh out loud when we first watched it. Needless to say, the goal of this ad is to place focus on the size of the menu item.

    Music: The music used in Burger Kings small hands ad kicks in at the very end when the new and improved burger is introduced to viewers at home. The short piano clip is sunny and uplifting – it conveys a message that the burger is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Browse and sample other tracks like this one over in our warm/uplifting playlist.

    Napoleon Dynamite Burger King Commercial

    Whether youve watched it or not, everyones heard of Y2K-era indie/comedy film Napoleon Dynamite, led by Jon Heder who plays the titular role and Efren Ramirez who plays Dynamites best friend, Pedro.

    Twelve years after the film was first released, Burger King united the wholesome duo to help them advertise the return of their Cheesy Tots side.

    Music: The Napoleon Dynamite Burger King commercial avoids using a background to track to ensure viewers focus on the conversation between the two actors. Although we dont like to admit it, we can see why music may distract an audience in this instance.

    Burger King Cow Fart Commercial / Burger King Methane Commercial

    Climate change: bar Trump, weve all accepted its a huge deal. Even Burger King. For this reason, the restaurant has committed to reducing methane levels by reducing the gas released by their cows.

    To celebrate the Reduced Methane Whopper, the fast-food chain released a spectacular commercial created by Academy Award-winning French director Michel Gondry. No, this isnt an April Fools...

    Music: The original country yodel song – sung by the Walmart yodeling kid (AKA Mason Ramsey) – tells the story of how Burger King has managed to reduce the amount of gas their cows release into the air. Its fun; its catchy; its oddly inspiring.

    If youre keen to incorporate a country song into your next project, visit our country playlist page.

    Burger King Commercials We’ve Soundtracked

    Burger King Consignes Of Sécurité Commercial

    To ensure customers knew they could safely visit Burger King France restaurants during the pandemic, the fast-food chain released a high-spirited commercial that takes cues from aviation safety procedures.

    Opening with a logo that reads Burger Klean, the commercial stars a Burger King employee who runs through the safety measures that are in place in every Burger King France restaurant in the manner of an air hostess.

    Music: To fit in with the aviation theme of the commercial, Burger King opts for a music track thats redolent of compositions used in aeroplane introduction videos on long-haul flights. Essentially, its lift music with a little more energy.

    Burger King Miss You Commercial

    Burger King Frances Miss You’ commercial welcomed customers back into stores as the COVID-19 pandemic began to die down in June 2021.

    The advert informs French customers that the Burger King workers have missed everything about its customers, even the annoying things they do (e.g. present the cashier with a ton of change, cause chaos in the car park and steal napkins).

    Music: The track used in this Burger King commercial is jolly and blithe – it reminds the viewer to laugh at the relatable actions of the comedic customers. Check out similar tracks over in our happy/sprightly/jolly playlist.

    Bad King Junior Commercial

    In 2020, Burger King Belgium released a new kind of kids meal for naughty children – one that came without a toy in melancholic grey packaging. Named the Bad King Junior, the meal aims to help parents discipline their children.

    The series of Bad King Junior adverts created by Buzzman TV for Burger King focused on rebellious, chaotic kids who deserve to receive the Bad King Junior meal deal as punishment for their behaviour.

    Music: In the second episode of the ad series, thriller-inspired music is used to create tension and tease the chaos caused by the naughty child.

    This music contrasts against the chilled, commercial music used when the narrator runs through the difference between the Bad King Junior Meal and the King Junior meal.

    Music for Your Commercial

    As you can see from the above, each track featured in a Burger King commercial has been carefully selected to capture and keep an audiences attention.

    In our ever-expanding catalogue of production music tracks, we’ve got thousands of music for advertising tracks to help you entice viewers to digest the message of your commercial.

    No matter what your advert is centred on, we’ve got a playlist for you. Looking to advertise a luxury holiday package? Head on over to our travel playlist. Trying to get the word out about a new cocktail lounge? Browse and sample tracks from our cocktail playlist. Promoting the return of a popular reality show? Check out our reality/factual entertainment playlist.

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