Vintage Italian pop, hot club jazz and hypnotic crime themes.

Step back in time via this vivacious selection of vintage Italian pop. From classic 60s serenades to smouldering spy themes, rousing arrangements feature nostalgic strings, retro organ, guitar, drums and romantic male and female vocals. 

British composers Ben Parry and Alexander L’Estrange ramp up the suspense on an album ideal for crime capers. Expect jittery strings and whimsical woodwind including ponderous bassoon, plus vibraphone, celeste, mallets and tuned percussion. 

East London production duo Exmoor Emperor present a selection of stirring alt-indie. Soaring lead guitar and piano chords meet triumphant lead bells, synth bass, ambient vocals, powerful drums and percussion and dramatic timpani rolls. 

From film and games composer Luke Richards comes a succession of cerebral orchestral compositions ranging in mood from tense to delicate. Mixing pulsing mallets with emotional strings and piano arpeggios, each track builds to a triumphant climax. 

Anthemic, upbeat folk-pop from singer-songwriter and producer Ian Janco and multi-instrumentalist/composer Randall Breneman. Featuring a mix of vocals, lyrics explore both motivational and romantic themes. 

From laid-back and romantic to fast and furious, hot club jazz rules on this upbeat album by pianist, composer and arranger William Davies. Features scampering clarinet solos, swinging double bass, accordion, guitars, clarinet and violin. 

Composer Terry Devine-King and percussionist Paul Clarvis collaborate on a mysterious and hypnotic set, ideal for spy thrillers and detective dramas. Anxious piano meets driving double bass, guitar marimba, pensive strings and tense percussion.  

BAFTA-nominated producer George Georgia shares a selection of instrumentals built around a mix of organic patterns. Ranging in tone from warm and positive to ambient and pensive, arrangements variously feature synths, piano, glockenspiel and xylophone, plus analogue pads, bowed string rhythms and steady kick drum grooves. 

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