Grab your pumpkin spice latte and get planning your Halloween ‘fits because spooky season is truly upon us. In same the month that The Rolling Stones released their 24th studio album, Hackney Diamonds, and Britney Spears shared her tell-all memoir The Woman In Me, Audio Network’s talented roster pulled out all the stops with a stunning selection of commercial releases.

Prolific songwriters Matthew Bento and Matt Goodman teamed up once more for Clockwork, an atmospheric trap collection ranging from hyper to relaxed. Another stunning collaboration came courtesy of Blondie-approved producer Ethan Kaufmann and guitarist Jay Michael Smith. Armadillo Highway is one for fans of country-rock and Southern blues.

Playful Hallowe’en content got a huge boost courtesy of pop-rock songwriter Jake Field and multi-instrumentalist Randall Breneman, who joined forces for the retro-leaning What Goes Bump In The Night. On a very different note, Freedom Louder is an irresistible collection of empowering pop-house, by Dario Darnell AKA The Boy From Manchester. And finally, we’re highlighting the positive trap on rapper/producer Nutty P’s latest LP Ready To Roll.

Read on to find out more about all the brilliant music shared to DSPs this month.

By turns aggressive, dreamy, energetic and laid-back, Matthew Bento and Matt Goodman apply their innate melodic nous to trap. Powered by deep 808s and trap drums, and embellished with hypnotic synths, rapped male vocals and sampled xylophone and piano, Clockwork is a collection ideal for factual and youth content.

Looking to add a little Southern swagger to your production? Moody, outlaw-style country rock meets driving surf-rock fusions and uptempo country blues on Armadillo Highway by Ethan Kaufmann and Jay Michael Smith. Energetic arrangements feature muscular guitars, pedal steel and slide guitar, alongside heartfelt fiddle and harmonica.

If you’re searching for something to soundtrack your latest spookfest, Jake Field and Randall Breneman have just the thing. What Goes Bump In The Night is a Halloween-ready set spanning 50s high school rock ‘n’ roll, New Orleans swamp jazz and Boogieman party pop. Playful and fun, arrangements feature organ, theremin, sax, beastly male vocals and tremolo guitar.

As the son of Kid Creole of Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Dario Darnell has music in his blood. On his latest release as Boy From Manchester, the Jamiroquai-endorsed singer-songwriter turns his attentions to pop-house. Packed with catchy synth leads, M1 piano, bold bass, drum machines and a mix of emotional female vocals and vocal samples, it’s a sure-fire way to add energy to your next production.

As producer for Ghetts and Wretch 32, Nutty P is UK hip hop royalty by this point. Ready To Roll sees him exploring positive hip hop and hypnotic trap. Think uplifting and playful lead synth, arrangements featuring 808 bass, synth pads and hard-hitting drums.

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