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    Just Eat have become famous for their celeb-filled ads – from Snoop Dogg to Katy Perry, their campaigns are full of fun, wit and OTT styling. So, who’s singing for their supper in the new spot, and why will you love it? Whoever it is, they’re going to have to go some to outdo the genius Katy Perry Just Eat ad, whose super-catchy song and tour around her kitschy, day-glo house made us all want to live a Just Eat life:

    It’s a Just Eat Hip Hop Era

    In what could be the hottest collab of the year, we can reveal that it’s pop icon Christina Aguilera and rising rapper Latto who are the delivery service’s latest stars. If you thought that Katy’s ad was epic, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    The dining divas team up in a baroque mega-mansion (complete with its own canal and super-glam gondola) in a fusion of hip hop and opera, incredible costuming, elaborate choreography, hordes of orange-clad delivery dudes and Christina’s lung-busting vocals causing a vast chandelier to shatter.

    From Thai salad to tacos, sushi delivered by a dinky train (Yo Sushi, can we have one of these at St Pancras while we’re waiting for the Eurostar?), mezze to macarons and acai to iced coffee, the message is that there’s way more to Just Eat than fast food. With everything from premium dishes to groceries, the carefully crafted lyrics also reflect the rise in demand for food delivery in non-traditional takeaway moments, including breakfast, brunch and lunch.

    Composers Ben Smith, Jordan Crisp, Toni Robinson and Adam Smyth have cleverly reinvented the ‘Did Somebody Say’ song again for the new pairing. Want to sing along? Here are the new Just Eat ad’s lyrics:

    ‘Y’all ready for something new?

    Did Somebody Say Just Eat

    Oh, you thought it was just burgers and fries

    They got more flavours than you tasted or you heard in your life.

    Ooh - this is what the app do

    It ain’t only fast food

    Switching styles like opera to rap too


    And it ain’t only restaurants anymore

    We can go bananas at the grocery store

    I’m a bad girl but my takeout badder

    What you need dude? I can cop a taco platter

    Thai rice sticky icky

    Gyoza on the side fried right cos we kinda picky

    Breakfast or lunch hun

    Dinner or brunch

    Wanna find the finest dining?

    I got a hunch

    And some hot tall dude’s bringing buns to the ballroom

    Got me a strong coffee

    Let’s get it on papi

    Ice-cream with my magazine

    Who can stop me

    And my sushi train is on loop

    When you this slick whatchoo gon’ do?

    Did Somebody Say Just Eat’

    The 60-second spot was created by McCann London and iconic music video director Dave Meyers, who has directed more than 200 videos for some of the music industry’s greats, netting him 12 MTV Video Music Awards in the process.

    When it comes to dealing with not one but two stars, McCann senior creatives Stephen Yeates and Adam Taylor-Smith told Muse, ‘It’s a serious operation. They are a brand. And with that comes a carefully assembled structure that ensures they're represented in a way that feels true to those images and tones of voice. That’s why you need a director who has skin in that particular game. Dave Meyers has that. He knew how to create the right amount of space and oxygen for the talent to bring who they are in a way that felt right for the brand’s story.’

    A frequent collaborator with Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Lopez and P!nk, he’s also directed videos for Just Eat alumni Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. Plus, he’s directed ads for brands as varied as Adidas, Chrysler, Doritos, Gilette, Starbucks, Virgin Mobile and Volvo.

    The amazing choreography was done by legendary hip hop choreographer Hi-Hat, who’s worked with the likes of Rihanna and Jay-Z.

    Dine-in Dishes and Everyday Essentials

    Susan O’Brien, VP Global Brand at Just Eat revealed the thinking behind the ad: ‘As our business evolves to offer more choice and convenience from your favourite local takeaway to dine-in dishes and everyday essentials, it’s only right that we evolve our successful creative formula. The electrifying mix of Christina Aguilera and Latto is not only unexpected, but it reinforces the message that you’ll be amazed at the selection and quality available on Just Eat.’

    Pairing up Latto and Christina, ‘was born out of the business challenge in many ways,’ Yeates and Taylor-Smith recall. ‘Just Eat’s brief to us was: how do we tell a story of surprise. Long gone are the days when all they’d deliver was a burger, or late-night pizza. Their offering has expanded into a diverse range of cuisines for any time of day. So, we had to create something that felt fresh and unexpected to help tell that story.’

    Hence a slightly unexpected duo, performing the song within a visual world and with musical themes that they weren’t necessarily known for. The online comments sections show that the ad has definitely taken fans by surprise: job done, both strategically and creatively.


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